i7s The cheapest Alternative to the Apple Airpods #Bargain

i7s The cheapest Alternative to the Apple Airpods #Bargain



TWS i7S earphones review



At first glance, the TWS i7s earphones would fool most people. Airpod! The pack fooled Boy Mo. I had to tell him that this is a cheap Airpod clone set. I didn’t tell him how much the set cost though. I needed to keep my rep intact. But the brand is TWS.


I like the charging case or pod. There is a built-on battery, so not only does it protect the earphones, it can also charge the pair without being connected to a wall socket. In other words, the pod works like a power bank for the headphones. And it looks super cool too charging the airpods that way.


Besides being able to charge the i7s airpods by plugging any regular micro-USB charger to the pod/carry case, the sales box includes a USB-to-pin charger that can be used to charge each headphone directly. The pin charger plugs into the base of the stem of each headphone.


I also like the fact that I can use only one of the headphones if I like and leave the other at home, in a bag, or in the car. I am not a fan of plugging both ears: dangerous. Whether lying on the bed at home, walking along the street, or driving, you never know what warning sounds you are missing when both ears are plugged.

Audio volume of the earphones is loud, which is very good. You are not likely to find yourself straining to hear the other person for lack of volume.


Some of our customer reviews


"Well worth the price. Don’t usually leave reviews and was a bit wary buying these with the poor reviews they have. Can’t comment on battery life as of yet, quality of the headphones is good, after the initial pairing procedure which was pretty simple, every time I turns them on the left and right instantly connect on their own. Sound quality is good, better than expected, but not as bass rich as I’d have liked."


"Absolutely love these earphones. I've tried Bluetooth earphones in the past & the quality was always poor, not this time! Sound quality is excellent, the buds fitted perfectly first time. Paired easily with my iPhone 7. Tried a telephone call & the sound again was excellent. The other caller said my voice was perfect too! Neat little package, they fit nicely into the case for charging.Highly recommended"


"Great Deal I have had these ear buds for at least two weeks now and they have been a great buy for the price. Pros;- Light weight- Comfortable- magnetic- Battery life is greatCons:- not super loud/ or noise canceling- battery takes a while to charge (one to two hours a full battery charge from 0%)I took them to the gym and ran to work up a good sweat and the earbuds stayed put, even through the sweat. However, I still could hear some external noise from others running next to me. Not overly distracting for me. Definitely a great buy."








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5 thoughts on “i7s The cheapest Alternative to the Apple Airpods #Bargain

  1. avatar David L says:

    Thought i would read this after reading the i12 review because it was awesome but this lacks some cool information and insights that the other one had, but keep it up!

  2. avatar Emma says:

    I had a gamble from your previous comment Juliet, and well lets say im definatily not disappointed for the price sound quality is great!

  3. avatar Rob L says:

    quite a short read for my liking, but got the information i require will maybe purchase and keep an eye on SoundGenie in the near future

  4. avatar angela says:

    I totally agree to be fair….i have my own pair of i7s earphones and for the price they are really a bargain.

    Unfortunately i didn’t purchase them from you but i will be next time if i want that i12 upgrade!

  5. avatar Juliet D says:

    Great read! Helpful information, made me purchase one the reviews were great and actually live up to their expectation for the price of £19.99!

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