The Best Apple Airpod Clones 2019 | Super Copy Apple Airpods

The Best Apple Airpod Clones 2019 | Super Copy Apple Airpods

The brand apple stands alone in it's products. They are designed in the USA with unrelenting performance, style and function. This is why they can command a bigger price than its competitors. Their macbook air was incredibly thin and their very first mobile had a touch screen. Apple lead the way with design and function. Let's go on- the iMac was a single unit integrating a screen and monitor now unrivalled in the marketplace. The iPad came from apple they created the first tablets though a firm called archos was making interesting products. Apple killed off the sony walkman with it's MP3 player the shuffle and iPod. Apple has always been synonymous with a good music scene and they released their take on headphones with the apple airpods. If something is a pod it is said to be a kind of module of another part or links together. The airpods come back to their case so you don't lose them and also they get charged from it.


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In December 2016 we saw the first apple airpods. They had dual microphones in each pod to pick up your voice better, a W1 chipset and bluetooth 4.2 connectivity allowing them to be used with bluetooth 4 devices- not just apple products.

An update to the technology but NOT design came in March 2019 with a new H1 chipset and features such as wireless charging and better performance all round. As you can see below the design is almost the same apart from the light in the v2 release.


The Apple Airpod Clones 

Ever since their design in 2016 and their popularity chinese manufacturers got to copying elements of the design. AirPods were the first to use a case for example. The first clones were pretty awful but the i7 TWS was the first which had decent functionality at least were useable and served the function. To the non apple nerd you might have even been using the real thing. There have been a splurge of colours too from red to gold and inbetween- pretty horrific.

Copies of Copies

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If the i7 was a decent seller it was the reason it itself got copied and you could never be sure of what you were getting. The best way to buy them was on price. If you pay low you know it's a copy of a copy. The i7 is also bulky compared to the say the i13 which is my tip for 2019. But find a good i13. Look for the following

Bluetooth 5

Touch Control

Siri engage

Wireless charging


And the winner is? 

We have seen a good few clones and there is now one which in fact is a little too much of a copy though it is very good it's illegal in the western world (not in China) as it is very nearly identical through packaging to the product. They have even stated it has H1 chip. Aside from that we recommend finding the good i13. Again there are copies of this and no the i14 is not better. Different manufactures just start labeling using a bigger number such as i30 doesn't mean it is better. I looked at this i13 and made a video to show you the best apple airpod legal clone. It's legal because it isn't showing itself as an apple airpod.

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